La Ladrillera used to be an old brick factory building located amidst the agricultural fields on the eastern bank of the Lurin river, in the ecological district of Cieneguilla, a rural area in the outskirts of Lima. Built under the name of Santa Fe Huaca Grande, the old brick factory ceased operations many decades ago, whereas its building remained in place and was restored in recent years, respecting the main lines and materials of the original structure, which now houses a gourmet food workshop for craft processing and packaging of agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables grown in the surrounding fields, as well as in selected farmlands throughout the country, with a high regard for seasonal harvests and the rural nature that surrounds their environment.


Our Brand

La Ladrillera brand encompasses a novel, unique, ingenious, groundbreaking experience. Our brand invites shoppers to have a refreshing look at the countryside crops, and to realize there’s a new way of enjoying healthy and delicious natural food. La Ladrillera brands handcrafted gourmet products made with the highest quality standards, which appeal to most tastes and trends, and are ideal to share with your most loved ones.

Our Values


We are mindful of every step in the selection and processing of ingredients, as well as in the storage, distribution and sales of our manufactured products.


We have the highest regard for the environment, our surroundings, nature, all participants in our endeavors and tradition.


There can be certainty that we do what we say. We walk the talk.


Everything we say and do is based on our principles and in accordance to our values.


We bring into line products of diverse origins, for most tastes, and are concerned with the general well-being.


We seek perfection in developing, acquiring and preserving the original taste and quality of our products.


From within the simplicity of nature, we seek out to innovate and bring about a unique experience.

Our Purpose

To focus all our efforts in providing our products with meaning: Handcrafted but demanding, unique and refined, of the highest quality and within everyone’s reach. Essentially, to make the gourmet food concept a popular product.
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Our Mission

To provide our customers with distinctive products that differ from the mainstream proposal, inviting them to experience and be thrilled by new flavors, textures, colors and essences, expanding the reaches of their palates and leading them back to La Ladrillera for a similar experience, with the certainty that here they will always find something new, delicious and enticing, thus proving that nature, tradition, good taste and ingenuity can all go well together.

Our Products

Our line of production starts with the supply of agricultural products carefully selected from the agricultural fields in and around Cieneguilla, as well as in valleys elsewhere in the country. Our production process, which is rigorously supervised by highly qualified personnel, is handcrafted, 100% natural and free of artificial ingredients, in compliance with the highest standards and technical requirements of hygiene, sanitation and cleanliness adopted by the modern industry in the manufacture of processed products for human consumption.